Mock Chief Executive Election_Moral and Civic Education Department
The Mock Chief Executive Election was run successfully on 23rd March, 2017.
380 votes were recorded, including teachers, non-teaching staff and students, which is about 42% of the population.
There were prizes "The Class with Highest Voting Rate" in each form.
The results are as follows:
Form 1E with 80% voting rate.
Form 2B with 41% voting rate.
Form 3A with 68% voting rate.
Form 4E with 97% voting rate.
Form 5D with 43% voting rate.
A special thanks to the ten Election Committee Members.
Kathy Hsieh (F.4A) Wing Poon (F.4A)
Jane Kwok (F.4B) Bessy Wong (F.4B)
Julia Lui (F.4C) Nikki Wong (F.4C)
Eva Tam (F.4D) Iris Chan (F.4D)
Hermione Cheng (F.4E) Tammy Lo (F.4E)

IMG_0312 IMG_0321 IMG_0329 IMG_0338
IMG_0344 IMG_0346 IMG_0347 IMG_0350
1EF.1E 2BF.2B 3AF.3A 4EF.4E