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Principal's Message

Welcome to the website of St. Rose of Lima's College.

Our school is a Catholic secondary school for girls with a population of around 1000 students. We emphasise a very strong moral upbringing for our students. We have the characteristics of an extended family with a close relationship among teachers and students and always manage to retain the atmosphere of gentility and friendliness while remaining alert and receptive to constructive changes. All true Rosians are well-educated ladies. Rosians are obedient and patient, loving and caring, simple and humble, reliable and responsible.
"Rome was not built in one day." St. Rose's success is contributed by many sisters, teachers, parents and students (both the past and the present). We should show our gratitude to the people who established the strong foundation of our school. Now is our turn. We must continue to work hard and overcome the challenges in order to uphold our excellent traditions and extend our success to new heights. Remember, once a Rosian, always a Rosian!

On this website, we will share our latest information as well as school life with our stakeholders and visitors. Hope you will enjoy our loving and caring environment. Happy surfing!

May God bless us all.

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